Personally Know the Lord

As we pray through the Twenty-Third Psalm, we are immediately faced with the reality of our personal relationship with the Lord. David begins this familiar psalm, “The Lord is my shepherd.” Not “a” shepherd. Not “the” shepherd. Not “our” shepherd. My shepherd.

Do you find that remarkable? That the Lord Jehovah, the great I Am that I Am, who spoke to Moses from the burning bush, who parted the Red Sea [Ex. 14:21], was willing for David to know Him as his personal shepherd? That we can know Him as our shepherd, too?

Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me….” [John 10:14] The Greek word translated here as “know” does not mean to have factual knowledge or understanding. It means to know through personal experience, through a continuing and increasingly intimate relationship.

David’s psalm is a beautiful picture of just such a relationship with the Lord. David knew Him as One Who anticipated every need, Who was present at every juncture of his life. As we pray through David’s psalm, from the beginning it should be a glorious affirmation of our personal relationship with the One Who has chosen to reveal Himself to us, to allow us to know Him in a personal way.

Pray with us— Holy Lord, David was a man after Your own heart because he was willing to know You and loved You in a deeply personal way. May it be so for each of us, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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