Summer of the Spirit

During the summer months many of us go on vacation.  We travel here or there–taking the family and making memories.  As the summer heats up, we want our hearts to be on fire for our Lord, Jesus Christ.  That’s why this summer we’re taking time to focus on the Spirit.

Here’s our prayer to start:

We cannot explain and we do not understand how the Spirit of Jesus lives in us, but we thank You for the reality of His presence, His power and His life. May we know Him more fully, more completely than we ever have. May our fellowship with Him be more real every day of our lives.

We often pray that people would see Jesus in us. Father, it is Jesus’ Spirit who lives through us, revealing His spirit of humility, of obedience and submission. Help us to live out Jesus’ life on earth as He would have us live.

May we know the Spirit of Jesus as the strength to forgive, as the will to be dependent upon You, as the desire to love unconditionally. May He give us Jesus’ patience and peace, His self-control. May He live in us so clearly that we become, as Jesus was and is, the light of the world.

Grant that the Spirit of Jesus would sanctify us into lives of righteousness in His strength, that He would ensure that we live lives based on the truth of Your Word. May the Spirit of Jesus, our Joshua, lead us into the promised land of spiritual maturity. May we dwell there as people of prayer.

We ask for the fullness of the Spirit of Jesus, that we will be filled to overflowing with His life, in the name of our Savior and Lord. Amen.

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