Family Fight!

Family Fight – not IN the family, but FOR the family.

Most of our fights are foolish, usually about proving who is right, or strong. But the battle for your family can have eternal consequences.

What is your fight? Teenagers in rebellion? Siblings in constant conflict? Stress between determined parents and equally determined kids? Something else – maybe far more frightening?

Whatever the problem, how can you fight Рand win? Simple (but not easy): you fight ON YOUR KNEES!  And for that, you may need some help.

Let us provide some help.

This is one of our most-requested prayer guides, with 14 prayers that help you pray effective prayers for your family, and whatever challenges you (and they) face today.

At PrayerPower, we’re concerned about families – yours as well as ours. But we know our limits. In our own strength, we have no hope of winning this family fight – the fight for a family that survives the forces working against it.

Click here to request your FREE copy of our prayer guide, Make My Family Strong. No strings, nothing hidden. It’s yours as our gift, because you and your family will benefit from 14 Scripture-based prayers for those relationships and concerns that truly matter.

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