Learning from the Master, Part 2b

What should an understanding of His prayer life say to us as His present-day disciples? Are there some fundamental truths for those of us who really desire to follow our Lord and begin to live the life of prayer that links us to the heavenly Father in the same way?

Truth #1: It was in prayer that Jesus learned the Father’s will We know this from the many references to His prayer life, not merely from the prayer in the Garden where he yielded to the Father’s will when it was evidently contrary to what His humanity desired. One illustration that I like to ponder is the one we find in Luke 11:1.

He had been praying, about what we don’t know, but as soon as He was finished, his disciples came to Him
and asked, “Lord, teach us to pray.”

What was behind that?

I really believe that the request came out of a realization that He had something they didn’t have. They saw that it was after seasons of prayer that He exhibited power, that He made decisions affecting their lives as well as His, and that He found wisdom for dealing with the difficult parts of His life.

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