New Life in Christ: Know the Price Is Paid

The following is a prayer in our New Life in Christ series.  To read more, or order your own copy of one of our prayer guides, visit us here

Father, I pray for (name one or more) …

I come on behalf of these who are not yet saved to thank You that the price has been paid for their salvation. Jesus has made the sacrifice, He has bought them with His blood—they just don’t know it, they have not been enabled to see the truth. (1 John 4:10; Revelation 5:9; John 6:65)

Help them to understand that Jesus gave Himself for them, to redeem them—He gave Himself as a sacrifice, once for all. Christ died as a ransom to set them free from their sins. He is able to save them completely, if they will only believe! (Titus 2:13-14; Hebrews 9:26, 15; 7:25; John 8:24)

They can’t accept who Christ is. He is like a stumbling block to them, until You call them, but if You do, they’ll see Christ as He is. Speak to them, Father, for everyone who listens to You and learns from You will come to Christ. Help them believe, for everyone who believes has everlasting life. (1 Corinthians 1:23-24; John 6:45, 47)
May they understand that the price has been paid, at so great a cost. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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