Concert of Prayer

Today is new day–a day that our Lord created. 

And even though we may not have all of the answers–it’s important that we act in a concert of prayer.

A concert of prayer is an orchestrated prayer time.

The prayer leader acts like the conductor of an orchestra, moving through different seasons or topics of prayer. You might consider yourselves like different instruments, all praying along together, blending your voices into the same symphony—rather than each one praying his or her own melody.

The prayer leader will generally move us through seasons of prayer which follow the A-C-T-S acronym:
Confession (silent),
Thanksgiving and
Supplication (intercession).

Concerts of prayer are sometimes built around a theme: for instance, you might sometimes pray with a focus on
prayers for your pastor(s). At other times you might pray for ministries and missions, for families, for our country, for revival, etc.

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