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A Holy Week Prayer

In this special week for our faith, one particular verse is heavy on our hearts. “Open their hearts to respond to the truth of the gospel.”  Acts 16:14 Only God can open the hearts of the cold, blind and distant.  … Continue reading

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What are you thankful for? We’re thankful for so many things–but none moreso that Jesus Christ. The foundation of PrayerPower is our belief in God as the only Creator of everything that exists; in Jesus Christ His only Son – … Continue reading

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Does God Hear Every Prayer?

Do you think God hears every prayer? We would like to think God hears every prayer, but the Bible makes plain that’s not always so. There are times when God may choose not to listen, when He pays no attention … Continue reading

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We all have needs. Abraham Maslow, the famous Psychologist, was best known for the creation of the pyramid that illustrated a hierarchy of needs. At the base level, Maslow theorized that humans have Physiological needs, followed by Safety, Love, Esteem … Continue reading

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