Speaking God’s Word to Yourself

When our granddaughter moved away to begin life on her own, I gave he a flip-over calendar with a Scripture prayer or blessing on each page. I bought myself the same calendar, and told her that every day I would pray whatever prayer or blessing was on that date.
Today’s prayer of blessing is beautifully simple—May God’s peace cover you, His hope inspire you, His joy uplift you, His love surround you.
I sent her a note that I had prayed for her, and sent her this affirmation to speak and think about, especially on those days when things haven’t gone right—

I’m not discouraged, disappointed or frustrated, because God’s peace covers me, His hope inspires me, His joy uplifts me, and His love surrounds me, and I am precious in His sight!

I share it with you because this time of year it is easy for me to feel discouraged, disappointed, and frustrated. Rather than give in to those emotions, there is much peace to be found in speaking affirmations to ourselves based on God’s Word. Makes me think of something one of our favorite authors, Dallas Willard, said: We spend too much time listening to ourselves and not enough time speaking to ourselves.
So, dear ones, speak these words of peace and affirmation and let God’s peace, hope, joy, and love encourage you. And in addition, may His Presence guide you, His faithfulness encourage you, His strength enable you, His hand uphold you, His face shine upon you, and His favor rest upon you.
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