Helping Couples Pray Together

We talked to a woman this morning who touched our hearts. A few months ago she had been given one of our prayer guides, Praying Together, and she was hoping it was available in Spanish. Unfortunately it isn’t right now (but it may be soon, as she asked permission to translate it).

The Scripture prayers in this prayer guide were written for a husband and wife to pray for one another. We first wrote the prayers for a young married class at our church. They were so well-received that the church printed several hundred sets, and then asked us to put them into a prayer guide format which they printed to share at a family conference.

We have reprinted them many times since then, and the feedback continues to be strong. They are unique because they provide a comfortable and effective way for couples to begin praying together.

The need is great, as my caller reminded me this morning. She said they wanted to use the prayer guides in a class they will be leading soon. She said, “My husband and I think this is important because we estimate 95% of couples don’t pray together.” Our experience agrees with theirs.

It is a blessing to know that something as simple as these prayers can have a kingdom impact on marriages and families. The Marriage Mentors ministry begun by friends of ours has used hundreds of them with their couples over the past several years. They have told us that of all the couples their mentors have worked with, none of the couples who are struggling when they come to them are praying together.

The call this morning was an affirmation from the Lord of His call on our lives to help His people learn to pray. We provide the tools; He moves their hearts.

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